#307:Richard Hutten


The hotel room designed by Richard Hutten must be seen as an emotional journey.
It will be a 7 star hotel room: 3 stars for comfort and an additional 4 stars for experience.
When you enter the room, everything is skin colored, the floor, the ceiling, the walls and everything inside.
This is the same color he used for the acclaimed interior of the high end fashion shop MGH2O in Rotterdam, for which he received many awards.
In the second part of the room you’ll find an extension of the layers series Richard started to make in 2008. The center of the room is the ‘Princess on the Pea’,  a bed which is part of his layers collection. The bed functions as a place to sleep and rest, the traditional things you do in a normal hotel room, but it also functions as table and storage. The bed is  the only piece of furniture in the room. On the floor you will find carpet tiles which represent different moods and functions of the hotel room, also represented in a layered manner. On the walls of the room layers of tape complete the look. Some of these tapes were specially made for this room, and are for sale in a special limited edition. On one tape you can even leave your mark during your stay, expressing your personal feeling or needs. As an extra layer, referring to the outdoor, you will find some leaves growing on strange places. The room is not suitable for business men on a business trip, but very suitable for tourists not in a hurry, people in love, and everyone who knows how to enjoy life!

Double room, from JPY 14,800

(1 night including breakfast)

Photo: Takumi Ota

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